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International Matters

In the last years, basic conditions concerning national security politics have fundamentally changed. As a result of this development civil protection, as well, has become more “global”:

The protection of the national population has increasingly been consigned to international partnership and cooperation as well. Therefore, international cooperation – bilateral but also at EU, NATO and UN – has been intensified. This approach is certainly a result of the awareness that we are all faced with new global risks, e.g. the impact of climate change.

At the same time, open frontiers in the whole of Europe seem absurd without co-operations beyond borders in the field of civil protection (in spite of, in many cases, very different approaches, procedures and structures). From the German point of view, it goes without saying that the co-operation on the rivers Rhine and Elbe is of utmost importance.

The catastrophes in the last years have clearly shown that such a co-operation is necessary. Therefore, particularly in the field of civil protection, a close co-operation with neighbour states and international organisations is an essential task.
The scope and intensity of the co-operation depend on the organisation or the partner and differ considerably. It can be divided into four areas:

• Bilateral connections with other states

• Co-operation with the European Union

• Co-operation with the United Nations

• Co-operation with NATO

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